Airstrikes Fail to Stem Syrian Bloodletting


DAMASCUS, Syria -- Twin bombings near a school in central Syria killed at least 31 people on Wednesday, including at least 10 children, as gruesome images appeared on social media networks purported to show Kurdish fighters slain at the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants during battles near Syria's border with Turkey.

The bombs went off in the city of Homs, in a neighborhood dominated by minority Alawities, a Shiite offshoot sect that President Bashar Assad also belongs to. It was one of the deadliest strikes to hit the government-controlled area in months.

The blasts occurred just as the children were leaving at the end of class at the Ekremah al-Makhzoumi elementary school, according to an official with the Homs governorate.

A Syrian pro-government channel aired a brief footage of the aftermath, showing distraught parents rushing about frantically looking for their children, amid strewn schoolbags and blood stains on the ground. Flames rose from a car nearby.

A Syrian official told CBS News' George Baghdadi that 31 were killed and another 74 injured in the attack.

[…] Kurds wounded in the fighting were brought to a makeshift clinic in the town of Salhiyah, where dusty and exhausted, they described savage battles, with militants sniping at them from inside homes and from the windows of a hospital in Rabia.

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