Attacks on Health Workers Hamper Ebola Fight


Nearly one year since the Ebola epidemic broke out in Guinea and later spread to other West African nations, frontline health workers still come under attacks. Lack of awareness and cultural beliefs are to blame.

Health workers from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society continue to play an important role in dealing with the West African Ebola epidemic. They assist and care for the sick, as well as carry out the dangerous task of burying Ebola victims.

However, Guinea's Red Cross has continously shared reports of repeated attacks on its staff and volunteers. “These attacks range from verbal abuse to physical,” Moustapha Diallo, spokesperson for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Guinea, told DW in an interview.

Last week, two volunteers were beaten as they tried to organize a funeral. The Red Cross reports that this is only one of about ten incidents per month. “It is really unfortunate that there are still rumors making the rounds that foment distrust and fear,” says Diallo. That's despite the fact that the epidemic has been rampant in West Africa for almost a year.

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Image courtesy of CDC (Guinea Red Cross volunteers travel door-to-door sharing information about Ebola)