Campaign Highlights Images of Health Workers in Conflict Zones


Attacks on healthcare workers and facilities have become a common feature of violent conflict throughout the world. From Syria to Somalia, there is a dangerous lack of respect for the neutrality of these institutions and personnel: hospitals are shelled; ambulances are fired upon; the wounded languish for hours in checkpoint queues. To raise awareness of this crucial yet overlooked humanitarian crisis, the International Committee of the Red Cross has teamed with Reportage by Getty Images to create their “Health Care in Danger” campaign, which urges people to respect healthcare and healthcare workers in wars.

To imbue the campaign with a sense of reality equal to the tragedy, the ICRC enlisted Reportage photographer Tom Stoddart, who drew on his experience of working in conflict zones. In the video below, Tom, along with staff from the ICRC and Getty Images, explains how he created these images to reflect real-world scenarios.

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