Clashes Strain Health Services in Libya's South


Clashes and insecurity in southern Libya are putting pressure on over-stretched health facilities as the government declares a state of emergency in the southern Fezzan region.

The fighting has led to at least 39 deaths, with 70 people injured, in the regional capital Sabha over the past 12 days. Residents fear the limited presence of the state in the sparsely populated south and the lack of a strong national army are leaving them exposed.

“The problem is not about medical material but about the lack of safety in the hospitals,” said Faouzi Azowai, a doctor and head of the Tripoli branch of the Libyan Red Crescent. “The longer the conflict is, the more the civilians can suffer.”

He said he had counted 19 dead bodies in the hospital of Murzuq, a major town for the Tubu ethnic group, located about 170km southwest from Sabha, five days ago.

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