Gaza Faces Medical Shortage Crisis


Israel’s relentless air and ground assault has exhausted the health ministry’s medical supplies

Ramallah: Health services in the Gaza Strip are set to collapse in the next few days because the health sector in the region is experiencing a serious shortage of medicines and other medical supplies across all Gaza-based hospitals.

The hospitals are also enduring a grave power shortage necessitating the use of old-fashioned power generators, warned a senior Palestinian official.

According to Dr Nasser Al Qedrah, the spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry, responding to the casualties caused by the ongoing Israeli air and ground assault has exhausted the ministry’s medicines.

“Gaza-based hospitals currently urgently need medicines and medical supplies for every casualty entering any hospital in the strip,” he told Gulf News. “If Gaza hospitals are not immediately supplied with intravenous fluids, anaesthesia and the medicines needed in the intensive care units, along with other basic medical needs like gauze and intravenous drip supplies, medical services in Gaza will be automatically suspended.”

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