How to Act on the Security Council Resolution

UN Photo/Manuel Elias
In May 2016 the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition welcomed passage of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2286, which condemns attacks on health and facilities and sets a course to secure compliance with international law and end impunity. 
But as we’ve unfortunately already seen, the value of the resolution is determined by whether states take steps to adhere to international norms, develop strategies to prevent attacks, and bring perpetrators of attacks to justice. In the months following the resolution, dozens of attacks have been carried out against hospitals and health workers in Syria, Yemen, and other countries in conflict around the world.
The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition recommends the Security Council immediately take the following three actions to implement the Resolution 2286 and protect health workers and health care in conflict areas around the world:
  1. Hold Security Council briefings on specific country situations and initiate fact-finding investigations where warranted. 
  2. Urge Member State reporting on steps taken to protect health care. 
  3. Request the Secretary-General to ensure that UN agencies collect data on attacks and collate such data for public reporting.
Join us in advocating for these actions. Read more in our full statement