Infographic: Obstacles to Breast Cancer Care in Gaza


This October, MAP has been highlighting the obstacles to treatment and care faced by Palestinian women with breast cancer. In the UK, four out of five women diagnosed with breast cancer can now expect to survive beyond five years. In the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), however,  some estimates put the survival rate at half that. This makes breast cancer the highest cause of cancer deaths among Palestinian women.

Women living in Gaza are particularly affected by restrictions on the right to movement, frequent shortages of chemotherapy medicines, and the shortcomings of a healthcare system depleted by blockade, conflict, and economic crisis.

In MAP's latest infographic, we highlight the differences between the journeys to treatment for women in the UK and in Gaza, and show how obstacles to breast cancer care leave many Palestinian women isolated and vulnerable on their road to recovery.

BC infographic

This is just one example of the ways the Occupation affects the daily lives of Palestinians. The only effective solution is to end the Occupation. Please email your MP and ask them to support this call:

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