Makeshift Hospital in Kyiv Operates between Life, Death and Barricades


On January 21, Yuriy Verbytsky suffered an eye injury during a violent clash with riot police in Kyiv. He went to Oleksandrivska Hospital with his friend, Igor Lutsenko. Minutes after the men were admitted, a clique of men entered their hospital room and beat them before dragging them from the building.

Two days later, Verbytsky’s dead body was found, with traces of duct tape over his face. Lutsenko survived, but not before he was tortured and left for dead in a forest outside the Ukrainian capital.

In the early days of the anti-government protest in Kyiv, demonstrators — some with gashed-out eyes and shrapnel-shredded legs — sought treatment at public hospitals. Now protesters admitted to hospitals are disappearing. Doctors tell Maclean’s that pro-government thugs are to blame. The wounded are afraid to get medical help.

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