Medical Crisis in Gaza: Scared Doctors, Crowded Wards and Traumatized Patients


More than three weeks of conflict between Israeli forces and militants in Gaza have left over 1,700 Palestinians and more than 60 Israelis dead, while Gaza's Ministry of Health says more than 9,000 Palestinians are wounded.

Gaza's hospitals are struggling to cope with the large number of casualties.

The WorldPost spoke to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) medical coordinator Audrey Landmann about the medical situation in the enclave. Landmann is responsible for MSF activities in Gaza and returned from the war zone last week. MSF has worked in the area for over ten years and has an international team of doctors at Gaza City's main hospital al-Shifa. The organization also operates a clinic and brings in medical supplies.

What is the medical situation like in Gaza right now?

Gaza is a very dangerous place at the moment. Hospitals and ambulances have been targeted, and medical staff have died. It is difficult to bring people who have been injured to hospitals. And when people are able to reach hospital, the medics are under great pressure because of the huge amount of patients, especially in the emergency rooms.

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