Over 85 Percent of Health Workers Exposed to Violence in Turkey: Survey


More than 85 percent of health workers in Turkey are subjected to violence at least once during their professional life, according to a recent survey conducted among the health workers by the health union, Sağlık-Sen.

Health workers who have been exposed to violence at least once during their professional life made up 86.8 percent, with 81.4 percent of respondents saying they were exposed to violence last year, according to a Sağlık-Sen survey conducted among 1,300 health workers in 15 difference provinces across Turkey via face to face interviews.

A total of 81.9 percent of respondents said they “feared” being subjected to violence in their workspace, while this number is 39 percent among those who had never been exposed to violence before. The respondents who said they were exposed to physical violence at least once over the past year make up 23.7 percent of those interviewed.

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