PHR's Letter to the Turkish Ministry of Health


PHR sent this letter to the Turkish Ministry of Health expressing our deep concern over the ministry’s efforts to pass legislation that would prevent medical personnel from providing emergency care to anyone in need, including demonstrators.

Dear Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu,

I am writing on behalf of Physicians for Human Rights to express serious concern over the use of unnecessary violence against demonstrators and deliberate attacks on medical personnel who have courageously attempted to provide emergency medical assistance to those who have been injured by police in the Gezi protests. We understand that the Ministry of Health has submitted draft legislation that, if passed in Parliament, would require a new, special certification for independent medical personnel providing emergency assistance. We also understand that the Ministry has taken steps to collect information on medical personnel who have provided emergency medical services to the injured.

We are deeply concerned that such actions undermine essential medical principles of independence and autonomy and effectively criminalize the medical ethical duty to provide emergency medical care.

The full article continues at on Physicians for Human Rights’ website.

Physicians for Human Rights is a steering committee member of the Safeguarding Health in Conflict coalition.