South Sudan: Patients dying after fighting compels medical staff to leave hospital


Geneva/Juba - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is deeply concerned about the deaths in South Sudan of more than a dozen people following clashes that forced doctors and nurses to vacate a hospital where advanced surgeries had been taking place.

On the morning of Sunday 5 July, a hospital in Upper Nile State supported by an ICRC surgical team was caught in the crossfire of heavy fighting in Kodok. As a direct result, two people -one of whom was a patient- were killed and 11 people injured. The hospital sustained material damage.

Because of the dangers of the in-close fighting, doctors and nurses left the hospital on Sunday. Since then and in the absence of surgical expertise, an additional 11 patients have died. Forty people, mainly wounded in the fighting, have arrived at the hospital in need of medical care.

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