UN Security Council Passes Resolution on Children and Armed Conflict; Urges Safe Access to Health Care


On March 7 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2143 on children and armed conflict. The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition makes particular note of paragraphs 16, 17, and 19. These contain language calling for children’s continued access to health care, condemning attacks on health facilities and health workers, and affirming children’s right to access services.

16. Recalls the importance of ensuring that children continue to have access to basic services during the conflict and post-conflict periods, including, inter alia, education and health care;

17. Reiterates its deep concern about attacks as well as threats of attacks in contravention of applicable international law against schools and/or hospitals, and protected persons in relation to them as well as the closure of schools and hospitals in situations of armed conflict as a result of attacks and threats of attacks and urges all parties to armed conflict to refrain from actions that impede children’s access to
education and to health services;

19. Recalls the obligations of all parties to an armed conflict, in accordance with international humanitarian law, to ensure that the wounded and sick, including children, receive, to the fullest extent practicable and with the least possible delay, the medical care and attention required by their condition, and to respect and protect medical and health personnel, facilities, transports and activities in accordance with international humanitarian law;

The full resolution is available at http://unscr.com/en/resolutions/2143 on the United Nations Security Council Resolutions website.