With Violence Gripping Central African Republic, International Medical Corps Team Remains on the Ground and Prepares for Rising Humanitarian Needs


Government and armed rebel forces in the Central African Republic’s (CAR) capital of Bangui have continued to engage in conflict since December 5, with civilians caught in the crossfire—nearly 400 have been killed since Thursday. Having operated in CAR since 2007, International Medical Corps’ local teams are monitoring ongoing developments and are responding to the escalating humanitarian crisis by delivering vital health care services. The organization is prepared to expand and deliver a comprehensive humanitarian response as needed.

Prior to the latest uptick in violence, CAR already had significant humanitarian needs. With the deteriorating security situation, more civilians will continue to suffer and be cut off from vital health care services.

The northern and eastern areas of CAR in which International Medical Corps works are characterized by insecurity and periods of conflict between active rebel groups, which have had a devastating impact on health, education, and water and sanitation services in this part of the country, leaving thousands without access to basic services.

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