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Coalition member ACBAR published a special briefing paper to the government of Afghanistan for the protection of aid workers. Since January 2015, 49 aid workers were killed, 38 wounded, and 30 kidnapped in the country. Part of the Brussels Series in preparation for the Brussels Conference, the paper details a set of recommendations to move forward.

Aid agencies are starting to call for independent investigations to punish those responsible for attacks on civilians and aid workers amid prevailing inaction from the Security Council, impunity and lack of accountability.

Coalition Chair Leonard Rubenstein recommends the UN Security Council take three immediate actions to protect health workers and services and implement its resolution from May 2016. The Council will hold a briefing on the resolution on September 28. After the recent, horrific attacks in Syria, the credibility of the Council is at stake.

This list presents seven doctors and researchers doing incredible work on public health in Syria.

Following the deadly attack on the United Nations aid convoy headed to Aleppo, the United States said Russia was probably responsible for the bombing, further shredding what remained of a severely weakened agreement between the United States and Russia aimed at halting the war.
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This event organized by Defenders for Medical Impartiality and cosponsored by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition will take place on Tuesday, 27 September, from 10-11 am in Room XXIV of Palais des Nations in Geneva.
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The coalition urges the United Nations Security Council in its upcoming briefing to take three immediate steps to implement Resolution 2286 and protect health workers and services in conflict.

Following the deadly overnight attack on a humanitarian aid convoy in Syria, most likely carried out by Syrian or Russian government aircraft, PHR condemns the attack that killed approximately 20 people, including aid workers and truck drivers, and destroyed 18 trucks loaded with vital food, medical, and other humanitarian supplies meant for tens of thousands of Syrians in opposition-held areas west of Aleppo city.

Following the attack on an aid convoy A UN aid convoy that killed at least 12 people and destroyed 18 supply-trucks,the US said it blamed Russia for the attack whether or not Russian planes were involved.

SAMS releases statement condemning the airstrike that hit the aid convoy taking supplies to Aleppo.