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In this press release, coalition member International Council of Nurses (ICN) calls for increased protection of health workers through legislation, zero tolerance policies, security measure, education, and improved working environments.

Where there is pain, you will always find healers. And those healers should not be targets for attacks in times of war or at peaceful protests. National Nurses United condemns reports of medics specifically targeted for arrest and attack in North Dakota.

Insufficient numbers of doctors, nurses, and rescue workers struggle to save and treat the wounded. Only 30 doctors are left. A look at the destruction of the Syrian city.

Urgent measures are needed to address shortages of medicine and food in Venezuela, says coalition member Human Rights Watch in a new report.

Despite aid convoys having reached 18 besieged and 164 hard-to-reach areas with 220 tons of medical and health supplies from January to August in Syria, it has not been enough and the health situation of the country continues to spiral downwards: children are not getting vaccines, pregnant women are not receiving proper care, the injured need more treatment, and 1 in 4 children are at risk of developing a mental disorder.

Omair Shaaban describes life under siege. "Hope—or pray— that you don’t have to go to a hospital. They’re absolutely miserable. I don’t know how the doctors and nurses can stand all the blood, bones, and bowels all over the floor."

As the Syrian and Russian governments planned to halt their bombing of civilians and hospitals in Aleppo, attacks on medical facilities in other parts of Syria continued unabated. Coalition member Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) documented a series of deadly strikes on hospitals throughout Syria and urged the international community to heed these ongoing violations of international law.

UN human rights official Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein stated that Syrian and Russian airstrikes against East Aleppo’s civilians are “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity,”. Russia has issued a “humanitarian pause” of fighting since Thursday to allow residents to flee East Aleppo, but many do not trust the declaration and are remaining put. An all-encompassing ceasefire has been called by the UNHCHR.

A new infographic by coalition member Medical Aid for Palestinians shows how obstacles to breast cancer care leave many Palestinian women isolated and vulnerable on their road to recovery.

The World Health Organization warns that Yemen is facing the threat of a cholera epidemic. It reports less than half of Yemen’s health facilities are functional due to shortages in health staff, medicine, and medical supplies.