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After the end of peace talks in Yemen in early-August, violence has fully resumed in the country, and the constant attacks on health facilities have made travelling to seek health care life-threatening.

Leading doctors across the world write an open letter to heads of state worldwide demanding action to protect Syria’s hospitals and doctors.

The latest Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition newsletter covers the most recent attacks on health care and related news.

"What is happening in Aleppo today and throughout Syria over the last five years is an outrage against every moral fiber in our being," said Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, on August 22. He asked the Security Council to honor the health and humanitarian workers in Syria and around the world by "agreeing to stop the guns, the shells, the airstrikes, and the bombs." 

Honoring ‪#‎WorldHumanitarianDay‬, we are reminded that the majority of the humanitarian ‎work force‬ is comprised of local workers, who face tremendous risks when providing assistance. Investments in the humanitarian system, including health workers, should reflect this reality in order to be more cost-effective.
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The leaders of the world’s physicians and nursing associations have condemned the continuing violence against health workers in Syria and other nations.In a joint statement, the World Medical Association and the International Council of Nurses said that the persistent and targeted attacks on doctors, nurses, emergency medical personnel and other health workers in Syria have reached unprecedented levels that should alarm the world.

After being on hold for 18 months due to unsafe travel conditions for health workers, polio vaccinations will recommence in eastern regions of Afghanistan that have been cleared of Islamic State militants, who had also hindered vaccination efforts by spreading misinformation about vaccine side-effects and health workers.

11 people were killed and at least 19 were injured in an airstrike that hit a hospital supported by MSF in northwestern Yemen, leaving the hospital partially destroyed, and marking the fourth attack against an MSF facility in less than 12 months.
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An airstrike hit a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders in northern Yemen on Monday, the international aid group said. Yemeni security and medical officialssiad the strike killed and wounded some 20 of the hospital's staff and patients.
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Fighting around Helmand Province is a principle barrier for people seeking life-saving care. Over the past decade, the province has consistently seen clashes between government and opposition forces.